Halcyon People
  • Halcyon has developed an extraordinary team
  • Many years working together
  • Robust investment, operations, client service, legal, and compliance
Halcyon Capabilities
  • Broad panoply of strategies, including but not limited to
    • Credit
    • Arbitrage
    • Equity
    • Uncorrelated strategies
  • Alpha Generation by
    • Individual investment instrument selection
    • Strategy allocation
    • Sourcing, structuring, negotiation, and documentation
    • Strategy evolution

We believe that building a team of extraordinary, ethical people with a vast array of investment capabilities and the capacity to understand our clients is the key to devising appropriate solutions for them.

Assessing Client Needs is the cornerstone upon which our organization is built. We begin by seeking to understand their broader investment objectives, their investment philosophies, their idiosyncratic investment concerns, and their need for downside protection. We are attuned to their desire to invest with firms committed to best practices, to their reporting, operational, and compliance requirements, and to their wish for alignment of interests. We consider their liability streams, if relevant. We are focused on addressing investor concerns with respect to transparency, control, liquidity, and accountability. We are committed to creating client relationships that are collaborative.

People are a key pillar of our organization. The key to understanding clients and providing them with solutions is having the right people for the right strategies at the right times. We believe our commitment to recruiting and retaining the best and the brightest among partners and employees has enabled us to build a team of investment, business, and legal professionals that is unsurpassed within our industry. Fourteen total Partners firm–wide have deep and diversified investment expertise across a broad range of strategies. We have a culture of client commitment, rigor, ethics, excellence, and discipline.

Investment capabilities are another pillar of our organization. We constantly strive to add to our substantial expertise across a broad panoply of strategies. Building on our proven ability to allocate among them, we have sought to develop a cutting–edge planning and development capability to benefit our investors in a changing world. We strive to monitor existing strategies carefully, evolve them as they become more competitive, and add new ones–managed by the best and the brightest–in a disciplined yet opportunistic manner. We seek to generate alpha by selecting the right instruments within individual strategies by allocating to the right strategies at the right times, by evolving our strategy mix as market and economic conditions dictate, and through sourcing and documentation. We believe that these core competencies will enable us to identify and to add niche alpha-generating strategies for many years to come.

Members of Halcyon's senior management collaborate with each client to understand individual investment considerations and needs. We select among our people and investment capabilities to devise Solutions for the client. In some cases, a solutions may be a bespoke, managed account, fund-of-one, or other structure; in others, a commingled fund or generic structured product may be appropriate. We aim to serve our clients' needs over the long term, developing strategic relationships and building a better future for each client and any beneficiaries. In every instance, we put our investors’ interests first, as we have done over the past thirty-five years. We intend to build on that tradition in the decades to come, continuing to evolve and to add compelling alpha-generating capabilities for our clients.

Halcyon’s mission is to harness our people’s deep and diverse investment capabilities to help our clients develop solutions that fit their needs.